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A Great Experience


Matt is not only a great photographer with talent and strong professional skills, he is also a brilliant and amazing person. He is really into what he does and he has the great talent to involve in it in so many different levels. We enjoyed every single moment with him. Absolutely recommended

Nicco And Abby



In the UK, especially, you want a photographer that is very experienced with low light situations. With us, you’ll not only get that experience but we will not overtake your day with huge lighting rigs. We have learnt how to capture the right moments with small flashes that are often high and out of the way.

With this knowledge of lighting, we can capture crisp, clean and sharp photos, using studio and fashion techniques. It’s these photos that will truly stand the test of time for you to share with your loved ones for years to come. 

Im just a normal guy who has a passion and love for photography, I grew up in East London in the late 70's, the diversity and pace of central London mixed with it's cultural movements, style, fashion and architecture is what lead me down the road to photography.

Im lucky enough to still live in central London with my wife and 3 boys although some would argue living in London is not lucky ha ha.

I have been shooting weddings for over 15 years now and have a little over 500 weddings under my belt that has given the experience I have to date as well as being fortunate to have won multiple awards for my work including the Hitched Wedding Photographer of the year.


I also have a fashion and commercial business, being based in London really does lend itself to many other aspects of photography, clients include: Vagabond, Oakley, Abercrombie And Fitch, Gilly Hicks, Berghuas, Dickies, Barclays, Hollister, Uniqlo INEOS, Monex Etc

I would not say I have a style, I like to be diverse in how I shoot weddings with natural light and creative off camera flash It's then about the surroundings, venue, bride and groom that really determine the look and feel and make the story telling so unique. I like my images to be well shot in terms of correct composition and exposure. I then like to add creative angle's and add a little fun to the imagery via a natural photo journalistic approach.

I always say to my bride and grooms that every wedding has it's own unique story, which I truly believe is and extension of your personality and style. From the dress, the flowers, venue and colour pallets all tell a story and that story is an extension of you, which I tell through photography.

I hope this tells you a little more about me,



Matt, London Wedding Photographer
Iain, London Wedding Photpgapher

My name is Iain and throughout my many years as a London wedding photographer and destination wedding photographer, I’ve been honoured to be the wedding photographer at some of the UK’s best wedding venues: St Paul’s Cathedral, Skibo Castle, Berkeley Castle, Leeds Castle in Kent, The Ritz Hotel in London, The Painted Hall at The Old Royal Navy College in Greenwich and Eltham Palace.

Weddings are days of celebration and real moments of happiness. As your wedding photographer, it’s my job to use my years of experience and creative thinking to make every moment of your special day look perfect. I take real pride in everything I do and, as much as you want them, I want to create stunning images. All of which are captured in a natural and relaxed atmosphere.

I have a truly individual photography style that has meant that I’ve been a wedding photographer for a huge variety of weddings. I’ve photographed Hindu weddings, Chinese weddings, Greek weddings, Jewish weddings and everything in between.

I always listen to my clients to understand what they want from their wedding. So, tell me what you want from your day and I can even help you with timings for your wedding day.

It’s your day, so you should share it with each other and friends and family. That’s why I pick my moments carefully to ensure that I can capture the perfect images and ones that I know you’ll love. I will find the perfect, vibrant location and let you share a special moment. That’s what I want to capture and it’s those moments that you’ll frame forever.

I look forward to working with you,



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Amazing photos, personable great genuine guy

Matt was fantastic from the moment we met at the Bath Wedding Fair. We spoke several times regarding the feel and look we wanted for our photos. Matt was so accommodating and on the day made both ourselves our guests and families feel incredibly special. We are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the photos, the ideas he brought to the table. Matt even helped organise the flow of the day too and was able to be assertive with anyone he needed to be, to achieve the best photos that we really wanted. I would highly recommend you invest with Matt as your photographer, because you really will get those special, timeless-look moments, to hang on your wall for years to come!

Victoria And Martin

London Award Winning Wedding Photograpahy


  • Top London Wedding Photographer


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